You can now pre-order the full game for GBA, right here - shipping in Winter!

Single planet demo of our exploration platform game for Game Boy Advance (and PC and Switch!) - thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the full game is now in development!

Note: Changing language will reset the game. Web version doesn't run too well in Firefox. 

The controls of the web version are:

  • d-pad / arrows: walk/aim
  • LB / A key: look [gba l]
  • RB / S key: charge blast (when unlocked) [gba r]
  • B button / Z key: fire [gba a]
  • A button / X key: jump [gba b]
  • menu / enter: pause / friend cards (when collected) [gba start]

The demo is 'Chapter Zero', and not part of the main game (so it won't spoil anything). It was difficult to strike a good balance with a demo, and some things have changed a little in the full game, but we really hope to give you a good idea of the quality. 

For the most dedicated secret-hunting players, your mission is to find Azure, a secret crossover character from the upcoming and beautiful indie platformer Orange Island

GBA compatible For best results, download the ROM and play with a flashcart or your favourite emulator. (A pre-configured PC version using RetroArch + mGBA is also available in the downloads)

Web version is running in a modified version of by Simon Paris which is based on VBA-M by Forgotten and the VBA/VBA-M development teams.

For more information please see our website.


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for PC (packed emulator) 80 MB
Version 1.0.7
Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for GBA (roms only) 50 MB
Version 1.0.7
Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for 3DS (cia) 52 MB
Version 1.0.7

Development log


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This is an awesome game you have. I really like the animations. The pc controls are a little hard to get used to but its an awesome game.

Any chance of a release on other retro platforms? Would love to have this on Amiga or Sega Genesis. Would gladly help porting it there, too (I'm a software engineer/game designer myself).


The physical editions are now available for pre order, shipping in winter this year 

Please let us know if we will be able to buy a .gba rome for use on a flashcart please - as we'vebeen doing with the demo.


Yes that will be possible as soon as the physical editions ship

Excellent - hope it's straight after please. I don't collect physical games anymore I'm afraid - but I've been waiting for your game with huge anticipation. Played the demo though many times by this point. Can't wait.



Hi - any chance of an update. Waiting anxiously for the release - are we getting close? Also wanted to double-check I'll be able to by a .gba version for my Omega Flash cart for on-gba play?



According to the developers, the GBA version is in the final weeks of development.

Developers post updates on this Discord server: 

You can also sign up for updates here:

Thanks :)


I felt in love with the demo (done it more than 15 times and so on)

Too bad for me when the kickstarter was live i don't have money to back the project. I hope i will still get a physical copy of the game when it will be released. If someone have a gba cartridge version to sell ... Pleaaaaaaase


As soon as they are ready to manufacture, they will open orders again.

You can sign up for updates to be notified:

amazing !!! Thanks for the tip, can't wait !!

hi! i´ve found the kickstarter page. can i actually buy a physic copy?

As soon as they are ready to manufacture, they will open orders again.

You can sign up for updates to be notified:


what a beautiful game! it's definitely the sum between something cute and amazing gameplay. I can't forget to congratulate you on the translations too

Nice game!


thoroughly enjoyed this and can tell the full game will be excellent. But - I AM BEGGING YOU to include a map in the full game! It’s just not as fun/satisfying without one, I like having some control over exploration and not just sorta stumbling around and getting fomo for my surroundings. Just my 2 cents! Great job though

Thanks so much! We absolutely will be including a map, don't worry :)

Amazing! Keeping my eyes peeled for the release

Hi - any update on expected release date please? I thought you had this pined for April 2023?


It's taking a little bit longer, sorry!  


Incredible!  Truly!  I loved this demo beginning to end!  The gameplay is incredibly fun, and while the controls don't exactly translate well to keyboard,  I'd love to play this on Switch when it comes out.  

I may not have a GBA, but I'd love to get this game from the E Shop when it does come out.  The art style is great, and the dialogue is great too.  The puzzles aren't that easy, but you feel great when you figure it out


I'm excited for more! 

At first I was like, "great, another GBA styled game," :( :P (I'm not much a fan of the gameplay style), but this game was fantastic! Honestly, it felt really nice to grapple with its challenges. Like, this was the kind of game I'd wanted years earlier, but never found.

The genre probably isn't so bad... I just never found a game I liked from it.

The demo was so good. I love the pixel art and the mechanics. Took me a little bit to figure out how to damage the boss. 

Bug Report: I played it on a GBA emulator. One time when I was approaching the boss, I jumped right before it automatically moved me and did the little cutscene. I ended up stuck in the ground and could not move, so I just died to the boss. 

thanks for the kind review and the bug report! 

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This demo has so much polish. It's clear that you guys have gone over every piece of this design with a fine tooth comb. It's such a neat package, and I'm itching for the full release!

I enjoyed finding all the secrets and obtaining the "alien technology" from the orange dimension.

This game really respects the player. It respects their problem solving skills and platforming capabilities. It doesn't hold your hand so I feel like I have a lot of agency, and I love that in a game. It nudges you right when and where you need it.


thanks so much!


I agree so much! At first I was like, "great, another GBA styled game," :( :P (I'm not much a fan of the gameplay style), but this game was fantastic! Honestly, it felt really nice to grapple with its challenges. Like, this was the kind of game I'd wanted years earlier, but never found.

The genre probably isn't so bad... I just never found a game I liked from it.


How do you change the  language



It autimatically put mine in arabic and i cant find the menu


If you're playing on the web, click the pause icon at the top left. If you're playing in an emulator, make sure to unzip the zipfile so you can choose the correct rom (loading the zip probably chooses the first one it sees)


Ok Thank You


What a beautiful game. Excellent controls and lots of juicy effects. Looking forward to the full version!


Very unique game, thank you for adding the Arabic language


this is a frekkin masterpiece PLEASE tell me this is not abandonware :-(


It isn't!

There's a Discord where the developers post updates:

You can also sign up for updates on their official website:


I have play your game I like what I play I can't wait to see what you do next I brought  deom ver but had laptop die so I lose it but I did get to the demo it was fun. Keep up the good work it's not easy making a game anything can happen but kwon this team can do Leo gera.


This is amazing :) If your team ever makes a PC port, it would mean alot if there is either a x86 (32bit) or a UWP (ARM64) windows version available as well. Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work <3


Experiência irada, a simplicidade cria uma ótima empatia, principalmente para novos jogadores. Os puzzles são rápidos, tem uma boa dificuldade e o gráfico está incrível. Joguei com a ROM de GBA pelo Retroarch no XSS, ficou muito bom.

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I noticed you write in European Portuguese and I got curious. Which language did you choose to play? English or Brazilian?


I played in portuguese (brazilian)


OMG is amazing! I didn't know about this game and and I absolutely want the physical copy for GBA.

I installed the demo ROM on 3DS, well done guys, the graphic, animations are incredible and the command very responsive.

I have a GBA SP I hope there will be no problems.


This is an absolutely charming game, with cute graphics and solid mechanics! :) I can't wait to purchase this someday! 
May I ask what game engine you used to make this? 

For Goodboy we're using our own engine written in the Nim programming language, but the easiest way to get started with GBA dev nowadays is the Butano engine (requires some modern C++ skills).

Check out for a full list of resources!

That's cool! Thank you for the reply! :) 

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Amazing Game!

It is now my one of the favorite.

And with GBA support, it is AWESOME.

Deleted post

Eu achei tudo heueheuehhe

Hello there! I missed the Kickstarter but this is an instant fave! Is there any way I could buy a cartridge version since I cannot pledge? Would love to be able to play on my GBA SP! You guys are awesome for bringing back my fave console to life! :D

Thanks so much!  Yes, if you sign up for email updates we'll let you know once they're ready for sale: 


Amazing! Thank you!


I had such a fun time with the demo! This is the kind of game I'd have grown up being obsessed with, and y'all captured that era of platformers excellently. Really looking forward to the full release! :D

Thanks so much, shy dog!

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Why, Just why??? Why is Jump bound on B, not A? Why do yoy do this to me?

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It's 'A' on the GBA (rightmost button - B on the xbox layout) same as Mario and most platformers on the GBA, but you can remap them around in an emulator.  We'll add an in-game swap to the full game if we can.  

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this game is so dang cool! but i wish a could change the controls.

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Hi, How am I supposed to beat the first boss? The fight seems endless and my shots don't have any effect on the boss


Use the charge blast on their blocks so that they rush into the spikes, then you can shoot them while they're dazed.  


Thanks, I beat the demo, now time to find Azure

good luck!


Hello, Im the Editor In Chief for a game magazine based in Cuba and I would like to make Rik, the creator a small written interview if its possible. Thanks!


You can write to them on Twitter (@hot_pengu and @exelotl) or write to them at their email address:


love the metroid vibe, well done, lookin forward to the full thing!



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May I query if the rules of the internet have yet been applied to Goodboy Galaxy? If so, my condolences.

what is this supposed to mean? there are no rules

My sweet, innocent soul. Look up "The Rules of The Internet".


do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. i was there when it was written. and if you really 'know', then you surely know of all of them. including, pics or didnt happen


OMG it's even translated?! Great job


good game kinda like metroid but with super mario and luigi graphics


LOVE maxwell's falling animation lol

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