Demo V1.0.6 Released! (gpSP fix)

This update fixes a quirk of the dialogue/cutscene system that caused the game to crash on the PSP, Dingoo, RS-97 and other devices with MIPS processors running the gpSP emulator. Thanks to davidgf for helping us hunt this down!

Some other tiny fixes are included.

Changelog (1.0.6):

  • Fixed a crash when running in gpSP on MIPS hardware.
  • Fixed a softlock that could happen if you found a way to die after getting your item back.
  • Added some slope tiles in the bomb crater.
  • Fixed a missing Chinese character in the dialogue when the player annoys Bomsae.


For those curious, the crash occurred due to the iwram_stack_optimize speed hack which gpSP applies by default. Goodboy uses a secondary call stack for dialogue and cutscene scripts, which didn't play nicely with this. While it could have been fixed by adding Goodboy to the game_config.txt file, putting out a new build which places the stack into IWRAM has fixed the issue universally.

The softlock was very specific to trigger! You had to obtain the charge shot early on (before completing 2 or more paths) then do a tiny jump to get your item back without returning to the hub area, then travel down the elevator pit and die, which would respawn you back at the now-locked gate. Thanks to Barabbas for reporting it!

Finally, I should note that the game engine didn't support slopes until recently, so that's why you won't find them elsewhere in the demo. It's nice to have them at our disposal now though! I wanted to put some slopes on the skull too, but that broke Cropett's exit sequence so I figured it'd be better to leave it alone.


Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for PC (packed emulator) 80 MB
Version 1.0.6 Dec 19, 2021
Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for GBA (roms only) 50 MB
Version 1.0.6 Dec 19, 2021
Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for 3DS (cia) 52 MB
Version 1.0.6 Dec 19, 2021

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