Single planet demo of our exploration platform game for Game Boy Advance (and PC and Switch!) - thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the full game is now in development!

Note: Changing language will reset the game. Web version doesn't run too well in Firefox. 

The controls of the web version are:

  • d-pad / arrows: walk/aim
  • LB / A key: look [gba l]
  • RB / S key: charge blast (when unlocked) [gba r]
  • B button / Z key: fire [gba a]
  • A button / X key: jump [gba b]
  • menu / enter: pause / friend cards (when collected) [gba start]

The demo is 'Chapter Zero', and not planned as part of the main game (so it won't spoil anything). It was difficult to strike a good balance with a demo, and some things will definitely change in the full game, but we really hope to give you a good idea of the quality. (Please help us improve the game with your feedback!)

For the most dedicated secret-hunting players, your mission is to find Azure, a secret crossover character from the upcoming and beautiful indie platformer Orange Island. If you manage to find her and collect her friendship card, please let us know!

GBA compatible For best results, download the ROM and play with a flashcart or your favourite emulator. (A pre-configured PC version using RetroArch + mGBA is also available in the downloads)

Web version is running in a modified version of by Simon Paris which is based on VBA-M by Forgotten and the VBA/VBA-M development teams.

For more information please see our Kickstarter campaign or our website.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for PC (packed emulator) 74 MB
Version 1.0.6
Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for GBA (roms only) 43 MB
Version 1.0.6
Goodboy Galaxy DEMO for 3DS (cia) 46 MB
Version 1.0.6

Development log


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this game is so dang cool! but i wish a could change the controls.

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Hi, How am I supposed to beat the first boss? The fight seems endless and my shots don't have any effect on the boss

Use the charge blast on their blocks so that they rush into the spikes, then you can shoot them while they're dazed.  


Thanks, I beat the demo, now time to find Azure

good luck!


Hello, Im the Editor In Chief for a game magazine based in Cuba and I would like to make Rik, the creator a small written interview if its possible. Thanks!


You can write to them on Twitter (@hot_pengu and @exelotl) or write to them at their email address:


love the metroid vibe, well done, lookin forward to the full thing!



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May I query if the rules of the internet have yet been applied to Goodboy Galaxy? If so, my condolences.

what is this supposed to mean? there are no rules

My sweet, innocent soul. Look up "The Rules of The Internet".


do not cite the deep magic to me, witch. i was there when it was written. and if you really 'know', then you surely know of all of them. including, pics or didnt happen


OMG it's even translated?! Great job


good game kinda like metroid but with super mario and luigi graphics


LOVE maxwell's falling animation lol


Gracias por la traducción al Español, hermano!!!
Thanks for the Spanish translation, bro!!!

'Chapter Zero' will be included in the switch version of the game ?

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Can I plz beta test for chapter 1? 3ds cia?

We'll recruit testers from our discord server (but not till later next year), but feel free to join if you're interested:


Can I still join the testers then?


I'm a backer, and I just finished the demo on my DSLite using an EZ Flash Omega and LOVED the entire experience! It played extremely well.

One request for the final game however would be to add support for the "boot with addon" function on the EZ Flash Omega, especially seeing as it's being recommended as a preferred method to play the game on original hardware. I missed being able to go from the game back to the card menu as I can with other games, rather than having to power down the system each time.


Also, after reading some of the comments below I wanted to add that I actually really enjoyed the segments where different equipment was lost. It was a unique way to get the brain working to get figure out how to get through those parts! It was also really satisfying to beat the boss once I figured out what to do.

Thanks so much! We'll look into adding support for this, though it might be impossible without an update to the EZ Flash firmware itself (as I believe the patch is intended for games that used the official SDK from back in the day). I'll have to investigate some more. :)


Impressive work


This game is so cool.The Chinese translation is great.

I will play it on my DSi.


Looking back at this game after a while. Still looks amazing! I recommend getting it translated into German just because it's a pretty common language, but that's just me.


I love the art keep it up


The gameplay is good.


Very cool!


Yo ho yohoou




i need a map too for the game please.

Just for you 😁:  Map   
(The full game will have an in-game map!)


Thank you.


I feel like having a map of the area might help with avoiding getting lost, as I got a bit frustrated with this when playing. Apart from this, I really enjoyed the game.


Thanks! Map is definitely something we're planning for the full game :)

What is the shard limit? I got 1036 shards, and I have no idea how high I could get. 

The save data allows up to 2321 shards, but the count will display incorrectly if you have more than 65,535, due to the optimised number-to-string conversion library that we're using.

I just heard about this at "Slope's Kickstarter News" YouTube video.  It's a great little demo, and I've somewhat enjoyed playing it on an emulator on my Nvidia Shield TV.

Here are some of my thoughts:

- I can't get past the "no jumping" section.  Without any built-in hints, I feel that these sections are a large barrier to entry for noobs like myself.  They should be included in later sections (especially bonus/secret levels) rather than right at the start/the main game.

- It needs a save-game system.  I don't want to have to play this demo from the beginning if I have to stop playing.

- Please consider releasing this, with a built-in emulator, so you can sell it as an .apk file at Google Play.  I think more homebrew games for old systems could find more potential sales that way.

Thanks for the free demo though.  I've told my friends in Japan about it and some of them will download and play it soon.

Thanks for your feedback!  The demo does autosave, but we'll take on board the other ideas.  


Thanks.  I just "completed" the demo but couldn't get to the little girl NPC, as it was too hard?  A few of my friends in Japan have played the demo too now (on a GBA cart and 3DS).

Is this HTML, Unity, or something?

it's a real GBA ROM, made with Nim (a language that can compile into C, C++ and others). See for resources!



This is what i called pixel art.


I was thinking about ideas if I were to design a boss, and I came up with an idea for Plank. As he can manipulate gravity(fly), he could fight a bit like Mothula from A Link to the Past, throwing spikes across the screen from one side to the other.


Also, about blaster upgrades... according to the trailer, there will be a teleport beam. Will you disable this like Metroid, or will you change it with another system, like switching each time you start charging?

You can switch type at will (probably with select)


So cute!!!


Good luck for the release.


It's nice and well made.


A great game that really brought back memories. I still own the device with a bunch of games like Earthbound Zelda and Tetris.

And I hope to produce more games for the device gba because it is a wonderful device, no matter how outdated


I kinda dig this game. I've never played a lot of platformers before so this is kind of a new experience for me. I think the controls work really well on keyboard and doesn't feel out of place or uncomfortable. I think the level design is really nice. I'm not sure on how to end the demo but is it by collecting all the collectables and giving them to he specific people? A really nice demo and can't wait to see the full release soon!


Thanks for playing, I admire your persistence! It looks like there's still a few things in the demo that are definitely too punishing. Especially the hitboxes of the rhino enemies - they shouldn't be able to kill you when they're dazed!

And yes, you're on the right track! If you decide to come back to it, try talking to the purple robot near the end of each route (he's not reachable on the gunless route though).

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Controls for keyboard are super uncomfrtable, I guess it’s a great game but because I don’t have controller I can play it. Also there is missing key for charged boom-boom, so I can’t go pass that moment in game.

The s key charges on keyboard (standard GBA emulator controls). You can remap the controls if you download it though.

Thanks. Download what? How to remap controls? Sorry if I’m being annoying.



It is also very detailed! I like the art, the plot.... too much to list :)), can you please create a default collection called "my favorites" so I can add this in??? 😃


I will buy a copy for my switch!!!


i lost a lot of times, but i loved to lose.


I absolutly loved playing this! can't wait for the final game!


Lots of things to like about this game, but I hate those barriers that steal my abilities.  It's not that the game isn't fun without those abilities.  It's that those abilities were mine, and they were stolen from me.  I like collecting things, and I hate losing things.

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